A digital project designed to amplify and build on an above the line campaign based on the concept, “whatever’s on a man’s mind, it’s never dandruff” for a leading shampoo manufacturer.


A kick-arse Spotify API mashup using last.fm playback data to recommend playlists. Created in 24hrs with friends.

Talking AS Website.

An online assessment tool to allow AS patients to measure their own syptoms and allow Doctors to review their progress.


Location based alaram app to stop myself and friends falling asleep on public transport at unearthly hours of the morning after a few beverages and missing our desired stop and ending up miles from home at 5am.

Ariel Stain Remover.

Microsite design and Art Direction for an Ariel Stain Remover flash site.

Bran's Boyos .

Creation, brand guardianship and oversight of the Team Wales Mens' Roller Derby identity in all it's incarnations in their inaugural World Cup Year.

Good days start with good mornings.

A set of three, trade stand attractor videos tasked with being visual eye candy that explains without words or sounds some of what the promoted product does.

McCANN Health Brand Book.

A coffee table book to celebrate a new brand postion and values for McCANN Health. Task with being visually exciting and sophisticated to all employees within the network, from CEO to intern.

Double Threat Skates.

A logo design for the UK's first bricks and mortar, skater owned, Roller Derby Store.


Website concept to celebrate the heritage of pantone, bringing to life classic pantone swatch books as a modern web service.

Future vs Present.

An animated video for TEVA to use on their trade stand to attract delegates to the stand and to sum up the brand promise.


I love to create and have been working hard to develop my skills beyond that of the average Art Direction scamp. Hand drawn, vectors and digital inking all have been experiemented with. Commissions, personal work, identities and some just plain oddities included within.


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